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When the CEO of the website first approached them about it, the answer had been a solid "hell no". But the more that Frank thinks about it, the more he warms to the idea. It's not like they have any means of steady income. Their band doesn't seem to be taking off at this rate. Sure, the lyrics are good and they have what Frank likes to think is a new sound; but they've still only played about five shows. Opening for local bands in shady bars is fun, but it's not getting them anywhere shiny.

When he thinks about it, a few hour gig for such good money, well, it would be a wasted opportunity to turn it down. And it's not like it'd be with a stranger. It'd be with a friend. His best friend. His best and most attractive friend. Yeah, his hair is greasy and he'll only shower by like, force of law, but when it comes down to it, Gerard is a freaking pretty dude.

The day after the awkward confrontation with the site's owner, something Saporta, Frank is sitting at home eating Cap'n Crunch, watching bad daytime TV and being a general hermit. At least, it would look like that to someone lurking outside his window at least. He's really spending the time thinking about the offer. It's sleezy, it's creepy, it's downright weird, but still...he wouldn't mind. He'd nodded his head in aggressive agreement when Gerard gave his vehement response, but for a split second, Frank had considered it. Gerard however, hadn't even hesitated in his reply. And Frank knows that their only friends, he knows that it should have been the obvious response for both of them, but he can't help feeling a little undesirable.

After hours upon hours of general couch potato-ing, Frank can't take it anymore. He hits mute on the remote, and squirms a hand into the pocket of his jeans for his cell. Once free from the confines of denim, his is able to flip it open and hit one on speed dial. Gerard picks up on the second ring.

"Hey," comes a chipper voice down the line. Frank smiles in spite of his nerves for what he is about to do. "Hey Gee. Listen, I...I was thinking..." he pauses. "I was thinking..." "What is it Frankie?"Gerard interrupts, concern mingling with curiosity in his voice. Frank takes a deep breath and braces himself. "I think we should do it, that thing, uh, take him up on his offer, and-" but before Frank can begin to babble about how they could really use the money, Gerard cuts in with "Me too." "Huh?" He hears Gerard sigh and imagines him biting the nails of his left hand, cradling the phone to his ear with his right.

"I think we should do it too." Frank can practically feel him blushing through the phone and he can't keep a smile of relief and elation from spreading across his face. "Um, cool. I think I still have his card somewhere." Frank says, glancing across the room where the business card is balanced on a stack of CDs which, in turn, are precariously perched on the edge of his kitchen counter. "I'll call him 'kay?" "Cool," Gerard says, and hangs up.

2:50pm the next day finds a nervous Frank walking into the dull lobby of an office building to meet an even more nervous looking Gerard. He's leaning against the dingy beige walls alternating between biting his lower lip and gnawing on his nails. As Frank makes his way over, Gerard moves his hand away from his mouth and proffers a weak smile. "Hey." Frank says.

They stand awkwardly for a minute before Gerard mumbles, "Things won't get weird between us after this right?" His eyes are huge and worried. Before Frank can reply, however, they're interrupted by a boy that can't be a day over seventeen. He's wearing a red vest, pinstriped pants and a tangle of gold, purple and blue scarves around his neck that bring a welcome splash of colour to the room.

He nods toward them. "Mr. Iero and Mr. Way I presume?" Frank is a little taken aback. The boy sounds smooth, confident. He hadn't sounded that mature at seventeen. Hell, he doesn't sound that mature now.

"Uh, yeah" Frank says. "Great. Mr. Saporta will see you now." The boy turns, beckoning for them to follow. "I'm Ryan, by the way, Ryan Ross." "Aren't you a little young to be working, um, here?" Frank asks. Ryan laughs dryly. "I needed a job, didn't particularly want to flip burgers, and the guys we get through here are usually pretty hot, so...here I am." He does a sarcastic little jazz hands movement and continues down the hall, Gerard and Frank in tow.

When they reach an elevator, ryan leads them right past it and through the door to their left. "Lift's broken," He says over his shoulder. "Our handyman Bob can't seem to find the motivation to fix it. Luckily it's only one flight." They exit the stairwell into a long hall filled with doors. Gerard smooshes up his face in horror at the bile coloured paisley wallpaper and pink carpeting.

"Did your decorator lose motivation too?" he asks. It's the first thing he's said that sounds remotely like himself all morning. Ryan snickers. "I know right? They should've let me redecorate. I'm in music school, but I came this close," he holds his thumb and forefinger an inch apart, "to becoming an interior designer."
Gerard's eyes lit up. "Music school? Wicked! What do you play?" Guitar, bass, piano, violin, cello, mandolin, keyboard, accordion, harmonica, tambourine and banjo." "Holy shit" Frank mouths to Gerard. "Let's adopt him!" Gerard mouths back. Before he voice this idea to Ryan, though, they come to a halt in front of a door. Ryan knocks twice and pauses. The door swings open. The dude looks even creepier than Frank remembers.

He's dressed in a bright purple smoking jacket, pajama pants and checked vans, with a stuffed toy snake draped around his neck. He's also about seven feet tall; Frank is near bellybutton level on him, seriously. The idea of such a versatile musician seems to have turned Gerard back into himself and he holds out his hand.

"Gerard Way. And this is Frank. Cool snake. Sweet coat, where'd you get it?" Mr. Saporta smiles down at him. "Gabe. Thanks. Ebay." He shakes Gerard's hand, then Frank's. Then, he turns his attention to Ryan. "Ross, if you go on a Starbucks run I'll tell you a secret." Ryan puts his hand on his hip and cocks his head to one side. "Secrets first, coffee later." Gabe rolls his eyes but seems to give in pretty quickly.

"Okay, A little birdie told me that the secretary's intern, you know, the Urie kid? Apparently he's got the hots for you. Plus, he plays guitar." Ryan's face goes from coolly expressionless to pink and flustered in record time. "Um, ah, well, thanks," he stammers. "Oh! Coffee right, coffee." He turns on his heel and sprints down the hall.

Gerard raises an eyebrow. "Office drama?" Gabe laughs. "Ross has been after the Urie kid since his tight little ass appeared in the lobby three weeks ago. I'd have them do a session for the sight, but Urie doesn't turn eighteen for a few more months." Frank smirks. "Yeah, probably not the kind of permission slip you'd want to bring home for your mom to sign." Gerard giggles. Gabe makes a sort of flourishing movement with his hand and steps into the room. "Come in, come in."

The room is a stark contrast to the hallway. It's walls are painted a tasteful shade of deep red and strategically placed lamps around the room give off a warm, sensual light. In the centre of the room is a huge, sumptuous-looking bed. "So," says Gabe, clapping his hands, reminding Frank of a kindergarten teacher trying to the get the attention of a room full of screaming kids. "My next slot is at 4:30, so you're good for time." Gabe rocks back and forth on his heels for a second before Gerard nervously asks, "Um, are you staying?"

Gabe curves his lips up and widens his eyes in a creepy leer. "Do you want me to stay?" He laughs. "Just kidding. The cameras are set up to get the bed from all angles, so I won't see the footage 'till editing." He flips a few switches on the wall that make the lights of the cameras glow red. "Have fun" Gabe says slyly. With a wink, he turns and walks out of the door, closing it behind him and leaving Frank and Gerard alone.

They stand awkwardly for a long minute. Then, almost solemnly, Frank sits on the edge of the bed and begins to take off his shoes. After a moment, Gerard mimics him, tossing shoes and socks aside, careful not to hit any cameras. Then, after another minute's hesitation, Gerard peels off his shirt. Frank knows that Gerard is still getting used to his new, trimmer form and isn't very good at hiding his pride.

He smiles and follows suit, pulling his faded Misfits tee over his head. He then leans back against the lush pillows and Gerard curls up beside him, digging into the pocket of his jeans for a pack of Marlboros and a lighter. Frank reaches for one, but Gerard pulls it out of Frank's reach, taunting him. Frank doesn't mind too much though; he's content to watch Gerard, who is inhaling with relish, holding it in, and then, suddenly, on top of Frank.

Gerard places his hands on the bed on either side of Frank's ribs, caging him in. He leans forward and exhales into Frank's face. Frank coughs, shooting Gerard a slightly confused glance. Gerard widens his eyes meaningfully in response and after a moment, Frank understands. Gerard inhales again, and this time, when he breathes out smoke, Frank is ready.

He opens his mouth to catch the curling grey tendrils. The burn in his lungs make him feel dirty and sexy. It gives him the confidence to pluck the cig from Gerard's fingers and take a drag himself before cupping Gerard's cheek with his free hand and feeding him a sickly sweet stream of smoke. They exchange this way for a while, Gerard grinding his hips into Frank's harder and harder as the paper singes and burns down.

When the flame has burnt down enough for Frank to fear for his fingers, he flicks it out the open window. When he looks back, Gerard has a little gleam in his eye, and before Frank can even wonder why, Gerard leans slowly forward and begins to lick Frank's mouth. Frank's breath catches a little and he feels his stomach dip. He lets Gerard's tongue work its course for another few seconds before he flicks out his own tongue to meet it.

He's getting unbelievably hot, and he bites down on Gerard's bottom lip causing Gerard to growl deep in his throat and oh, Frank has never been this turned on in his life. He can feel Gerard hard in his jeans, pressing against Frank's thigh as Frank's remaining clothes begin to feel constricting.

He pushes Gerard aside and wiggles out of his jeans and boxers. Gerard strips off as well and Frank bites back a laugh because, Gerard apparently goes commando sometimes, who knew? Gerard notices Frank's smirk and rolls his eyes clearly saying, "What? I didn't have any clean ones left!"

Frank giggles and lifts his head up to meet Gerard's lips. He tastes like cigarettes and coffee and something saccharine beneath it. Gerard pulls back and Frank leans in for another, but Gerard has other ideas. He kisses Frank's collarbone. Then, slowly, he travels downwards; placing light kisses along Frank's smooth inked chest and stomach. By the time Gerard reaches his hips, Frank could swear he's stopped breathing altogether. "Gee?" Frank whispers.

Gerard raises his head and looks at Frank with huge, focused eye. Frank has almost never seen him so serious. "Shh, Frankie." He whispers back and lowers his head to meet Frank's crotch. Suddenly, the door slams open. Frank yelps and Gerard lifts his head and whips around to see the source of the noise.

It's Ryan Ross. Of-freaking-course. He's balancing a tray of takeaway coffee cups in one hand and is gawping and Gerard and Frank in horror. "Shit! Sorry ! Wrong door! I was distracted I-" Ryan turns to someone outside the door who is giggling helplessly.

"Brendon shut up! It's not funny!" He turns back to Frank and Gerard. "Sorry, oh God, I'm so sorry." He grips the tray of coffee with both hands and bolts from the room as suddenly as he entered.

Frank and Gerard exchange a long look, which Gerard breaks with a giggle. The sound is infectious, and soon they're both laughing mercilessly, bent double, tears streaming down their cheeks as they realize just how ridiculous this whole day has been.

They are both laughing so hard that they don't notice when the door slams open a second time. "Dudes, what the hell?" comes Gabes voice from the doorway. They look up. Gabe looks a little pissed. "This is so not gonna get anyone off.' Frank can't help it. He begins to giggle again.

Gabe rolls his eyes. "Well, I'll have to pencil you in for a session next week if you wanna get paid. Cool?" Gerard raises his eyebrows. "Uh, no dude. It's a good deal and all, but not really worth it. Gabe shrugs. "Whatever. Now seriously, out, my next is probably waiting downstairs." Gerard gets up off the bed and starts towards the door and Frank follows.

They find their way easily enough back to the stairs they came up before and Frank reaches for the door to the stairwell, which opens suddenly as a guy steps out into the hall. Gerard looks comically horrified. "Mikey?!" He squawks. "Oh. Hey Gee." Mikey says, sounding nonchalant.

Frank starts laughing as Gee asks, "What the hell are you ding here?" Mikey raises an eyebrow. "The same thing as you, I'm guessing. The money's good, huh." "But, but-" Gerard stammers. I thought you said you got that money from selling DVDs!" Mikey smirks. "I didn't say what kind of DVDs."

"With who?! Gerard splutters. "Pete'll be here in a few minutes. He's stuck in traffic." Before GErard can respond, Mikey does a little two-fingered salute. "Later Gee. Bye Frank." He turns, saunters down the hall and disappears a moment later into the studio. gErard groans dramatically banging his head against the wall. "We never speak of this again. Deal?" Frank shakes his head and begins to descend the stairs.

When they exit the stairwell into the lobby, Frank nearly walks smack into Ryan. 'Oh hey," Ryan says, "sorry again about walking in on you guys. I was a little...uh preoccupied." He grins mischievously. Before Frank can ask "With what?" another boy sprints into the lobby from a door marked 'Men's Room'.

He runs straight up behind Ryan and grabs him around the waist. "Oomph!" Ryan exclaims, but his eyes flicker in delight when he realizes who it is. "Oh, uh, this is Brendon." The boy that steps out from behind Ryan is certainly easy on the eyes.

He has dark brown hair, large chocolate coloured eyes and plump pink lips that look as though they've been injected with collagen. "Hi!" he cries enthusiastically. Gerard looks amused. "I'm Gerard. Nice to meet you." "I'm Frank," says Frank, "and likewise." "Ryan and I are gonna start a band!" Brendon babbles. "It's gonna be freaking awesome! I thought it'd be cool to do like, covers of classic Disney songs you know? But Ryan writes this amazing poetry- he showed me some of it- and we're gonna try and put music to it!"

Frank can see out of the corner of his eye that Gerard is biting his lip, trying not to giggle. Frank is holding back laughter; he'd always thought Gee was the most talkative person in the world, and someone finally proving this theory wrong is totally hilarious.

Ryan seems to sense that Brendon needs to stop talking now, or he won't ever, and he pulls him close for a kiss. It's sweet, and Frank feels a pang of something he can't place. "It was great meeting you guys" Frank says. Ryan mumbles something incomprehensible against Brendon's mouth and he takes it as "ditto."

Gerard and frank turn to make their way outside. Once in the parking lot, though, Frank comes to a halt. "Gee." He says. "Yeah, Frankie?" "Umm..." Frank isn't sure of which words he wants to come out of his mouth. "I, you, you said that um, coming back wasn't worth it. Did you, did you mean like, umm, like, did you mean it? Did you mean it, because of me?"

He braces himself for the answer, and suddenly, Gerard is kissing him. He's kissing him with a ferocity that he certainly didn't show back in the studio. Before it was sexy and now it's...more real somehow. And Gerard is walking forward, mouth still pressed to Frank's, guiding him towards his car. He breaks apart from Frank to unlock the door, then maneuvers himself and Frank into the back seat.

With surprising gruffness, Gerard presses frank up against the window, and slips his tongue into Frank's mouth. Frank's breathing is becoming steadily ragged as Gerard's kissing becomes furious and forceful. "Gee." Frank moans around Gerard's tongue. "Please. I- this-, I need you so much."

And Gerard is nodding and pulling away from Frank's lips and simultaneously undoing the clasp of Frank's belt. It takes some doing, in the cramped space of the car, but eventually Frank's pants and boxers are off and Gerard is there, right there, making beautiful movements with his tongue against Frank's skin.

Frank arches, and moans as his dick finds its way into the depths of Gerard's mouth. "Gee" he breathes, "I, oh God, you , this." He can't seem to find away to express what he's feeling in words. Gerard is swirling his tongue and Frank feels like sparks are beneath his skin, he's going to explode he's- "Oh God Gerard, I'm-"

Gerard gets the message and removes his mouth in record time, and Frank makes a sound he didn't know he cold as he comes. He feels spent. He lays still for a moment, catching his breath while Gerard digs around in the glove compartment for a rag.

After wiping the mess from the seats, he curls up against Frank and murmurs, "If you can't tell by now, I kind of love you." Frank sits frozen for a moment, letting the words sink in, his body filling with a sort of tingly warmth. Then he laughs, kisses Gerard softly, and says, "I've always kind of loved you."


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